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Blue Raincoat

Wołów | dodał: 0, dnia: 0000-00-00

The band was formed in 1997. A bunch of frustrated university students played a few songs and to tell you the truth they thought it to be nothing but a side project. Engaged in other bands, they weren't very busy with Blue Raincoat at the beginning, though soon the first BR release, "Fast At The Beginning And Then Real Slow' was available. Soon after that a few changes took place in the human resources department. With the arrival of Krystian 'Pilara' Pilarczyk the band's batteries got recharged which helped the guys generate "Small Town Addiction" (the title referring to the place where 75% of the band dwell). Thanks to Jack Endino (and the musicians as well of course), responsible for mastering the album, the band enjoyed a number of positive reviews emphasising the passionate combination of dynamic chords along with almost naive tunes. It took the boys a while to tour the Poland where they gave well over 30 concerts along with such bands as Sometree or Appleseed Cast. As they got a bit bored with the "STA" stuff, they realised its time they came up with something new and after a few insane 6 hours long rehearsals they decided to record the new thing which is to be released in Novemeber 2006. This the story of a band who live in a small town where everything is a piece of something... Some people don't take life really seriously when they get older. Though the Blue Raincoat guys are far from retiring, they slowed down a bit. There are few songs that will make you jump on your bed with the hairspray in your hand. Instead, you can expect a nice collection of soft tunes and guitars sounding finally like the boys would want them to. There is no direction the band is going, they just decided to enjoy the feeling you get when you play something for the first time and it bloody rocks! It's nothing sentimental, though you might get such impression. The album won't scare your parents out of the house. It won't make you slit your throat as a result of some ballad-triggered depression syndrome. Just hear the guys enjoying the sound. And nothing else. The album is a little gift for all fans and friends to celebrate the bands' 10th birthday.
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Miasto działalności: Wołów
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Członkowie zespołu: Tomek Sztrekier, Marcin Loks, Krzysztof Stelmarczyk, Krystian Pilarczyk and guests: Magdalena Noweta, Jacek Swillo.

Miesiąc i rok założenia: 1997-04

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