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Models Of Icons

Wroclaw | dodał: Jars, dnia: 2009-04-27

There's not much to say about Models Of Icons. It was born a long time ago in a galaxy far far away. First it was a duo with a very strange person calling himself Influenza. After few months the first project crashed, and we started everything again. We recorded few trip-hop like songs, now lost and forgotten. Then we tried something harder and more agressive, but Influenza didn't agreed with the way Models Of Icons started to walk. He quitted Models Of Icons and joined an underground hip-hop band. I wanted to abandon Models Of Icons and start to play in a real band. But then something happened. I started to think about Models Of Icons. And after a year it was reborn. I produced a single album (it will be aviable do to download via my profile) called "Replicant". After that i produced an EP called "With Love To Mars", and that was it. Then came the dark times. Absolutely no influencies, absolute no concepts. Models Of Icons was standing in a dead point. I abandoned the project for another year. After that i started to make music again. In blood, sweat and tears i procreate two songs. Another year of silence and another two songs came to life. Now i'm gathering strenght and ideas, and i'm slowly starting to produce the second Models Of Icons album. Wish me good luck.
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Dr Braindead - programming, production, arranging. Everything.
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