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Wroclaw | dodał: Jars, dnia: 2009-04-27

The band was set up in September 2002 in Wroclaw on Konrad and Adams initiative. Marcin joins the two in no time and the band do a few shows as a three-piece under the name of Yedden. Soon the name is abandoned and TRANSOBAPTICATO As its hard to confine their music to one convention, the musicians have dubbed it Phunky Beat n Roll. Its an unorthodox blend of 70s funk, clubbing beats and rock and roll. What adds a slightly psychedelic character to the music are ambient, noisy guitar riffs as well as a rapping voice of the drummer (punk-rockish in its fury), which in turn interestingly complements the melodic vocal lines of the bass player. Another factor contributing greatly to the truly unique sound is the use of a saxophone and analogue synthesizer. The element TRANSOBAPTICATO puts a spotlight on is the rhythm. In consequence, for the most part the music has a fresh funky groove. The band has so far played many club and open-air concerts, did a show at the Slot Art Festival in Lubiaz, supported DJ Vadim as well as played with bands such as Bakshish, Kult, Tumbao, Lady Pank, Pogodno, Ocean and Contra. An integral part of the message are the lyrics. Sung chiefly in English, the often make allusions to the Bible, treating of rejecting the dark side of life.
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Miasto działalności: Wroclaw
Miasto, skąd pochodzi większość członków: Wroclaw


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Telefon 1: 609732132
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Członkowie zespołu:
Adam Purzycki - Bass, Voc
Konrad Czerski - Drums, Voc
Marcin Czerniecki - Guit
Piotr Purzycki - Sax
Andrzej Nawrocki - Synth

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Miesiąc i rok założenia: 2002-09

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