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Wrocław | dodał: Demogorgon, dnia: 2011-11-26

death metal

Miasto działalności: Wrocław
Miasto, skąd pochodzi większość członków: Zielona Góra


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Członkowie zespołu: Asteck - gitara, wokal
Lukas - perkusja
Adam - bas

Dyskografia: On stage - Live from Guben - Demo 2000
History of Sin - Demo 2005
Christ Is a Lie - Album 2008 (GRUFT Produktion)

Historia zespołu: Unholy mission started in 1995 out of Zielona Gora, Poland. Founder of the band is Asteck, until today he is only one original member. Asteck also was member of Supreme Lord, but from 2003 he directs strictly DEMOGORGON. From the very beginning the band has followed the track of Death Metal and payed its homage to it. In spite of often changing trends in devilish music, DEMOGORGON will remain inva...riable until the end of its existence. After many line-up changes, in 2005 Louise Seiffer joined the group 'bass player of Shemhamforash & Baphomet's Throne. Soon after DEMOGORGON as a duet recorded a promo entitled "History of Sin". In 2006 the drums were taken over by Lukas. DEMOGORGON attacks with more infernal power than ever before, At the end of 2006 the band records their first full length album entitled "Christ is a lie" with additional guitar by an american, Mike Chatman. In 2008 DEMOGORGON have linked deals in blood with GRUFT Produktion. The debut is available from June 2008. Year 2010, Demogorgon celebrates it's 15th anniversary and also this year brings other changes. 2 co-founders of Haemate, Lukas Boratyn (drums) and Adam (bass guitar) joined Demogorgon. This line-up is starting to prepare stuff for a new album and looking for new label. DEMOGORGON still not dead yet and will attack your ears soon motherfuckers...

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