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Wroclaw / Strzegom | dodał: Jars, dnia: 2009-04-27

In the beginning was two bands...punk rock bands (Young Revolution and Incident) playing live gigs wherever they could...and one guy writing the songs ?to drawer? day this guy borrow one of the guitars from the lead guitarist from one of this band and after few months ,in very strange situation ,he has lost this that time the owner of this guitar became to complete the new band there was a one problem-he couldn?t found a vocalist to this new project so he asked the guy who borrowed his guitar to be a vocalist in his band...the guy said ?no I cant this is stupid idea? the leader said ?give me back my guitar?...the guy had no choice ?having under the belt? information about the lost expensive guitar...he wrote a view songs...they started to play...first live gigs...on one of the live shows...the leader found his guitar- ?hey this dude from this punk rock band is playing on my guitar!?...he had his guitar back and a vocalist...and that was the beginning of the shortcut! The GRASSSNAKE was born in Strzegom Town in 1998. Starting a band was always a dream of the guitarist Altracino, so when he found another musician they started to play quickly. Over the next few years, the band played throughout the south Poland scene with drummer Szampan, bassist Balbin, rhythm guitarist Martinez and vocalist Bart Kubitz. They played dynamic hard rock music full of dynamic and energetic mixes of guitar riffs, low basses and melodic vocals with influences of punk rock, grunge and metal. In 1999 GRASSSNAKE recorded demo titled ?Demonstration? and they keep playing shows. Next music that they recorded in 2001 was titled ?Year of the Snake?-this was first success ?the band sold a lot of CD on the shows and sent hundreds promo CD to the world. One of result was invitation to the Festival ?Olesnicki Wyskok? where GRASSSNAKE won the first prize Grand Prix of the Fest. GRASSSNAKE played more shows and performed three times in public TV and Radio. In 2002 bassist Balbin was replaced by Ziemek and the band moved to Wroclaw City. The Band plays few more shows and took a little break. In the beginning of 2004 the band went back into the studio with new drummer called Hanson and recorded third demo titled ?Union Metal Corp.?. GRASSSNAKE still played shows around the country and invited a lot rock festivals-Alternative Fest., Big Star Festival, Morrock Festival and Young Wolves Festival. On autumn 2005 the band got proposition to release album from new label Equilibrecords. In the beginning of 2006 GRASSSNAKE recorded full album called ?Red Fire Dog?. The GRASSSNAKE was a producer of this records, Bart Kubitz designed a cover. First success of songs from this album was ?Music Battle? on the public Radio Wroclaw - a lot of fans voted for GRASSSNAKE and the band got to Big Four most popular bands. ?Red Fire Dog? was released on the 1 September 2006 and got very nice reviews and was typed by TERAZ ROCK (polish rock magazine) as one of three best evaluated polish CDs in the passed three months!
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Miasto działalności: Wroclaw / Strzegom
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