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Tomasz Bednarczyk

Wroclaw | dodał: Jars, dnia: 2009-04-27

"Lawrence English's Room 40 label has a knack for showcasing thoughtful, eloquent electronic music, and Tomasz Bednarczyk's second records slot perfectly into the catalogue. Much of his music abandons any aspirations towards narrative in favour of gorgeously reflective stasis: shards of sound hang, suspended, in space, throwing off glints and reflections as they twitch and shimmer. It's undemonstrative, but surprisingly engaging - and whereas many musicians would succumb to the narcotic pull of the drone, Bednarczyk is more interested in the edges and angles of his sound sources. His compositions hold these sonic fragments up to the light, offering their geometry up for contempletation, balancing their profiles against one another; these pieces summon a sense of equilibrium in the same way that an Alexander Calder sculpture does." The WIRE Magazine/302 (Chris Sharp), UK
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Miasto działalności: Wroclaw
Miasto, skąd pochodzi większość członków: Wroclaw


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